The goal of the game is to reach the highest possible score. Scores are kept in a highscore list that can be cleared by pressing the z key (“zap”); with the GPL version they may be uploaded to a worldwide highscore list on the internet.

Points are gained by destroying (shooting, ramming) certain game elements as well as through remaining time bonus at the end of a stage. With every 50,000 points an additional ship (life) is gained.

direct bonus: Edit

time bonus: Edit

The time bonus counts 2000 points at the beginning of each stage from which about 18 to 18.5 points are lost every second until the stage is cleared or all of those points are gone. After the stage is finished the remaining points get added to the score while being multiplied with a muliplier (2× to 5×) if one was shot.

Game elements that give additional time bonus:

With over 10,000 points of time bonus earned there is a compliment (“Lovely!”), with zero points left there is dispraise (“You asleep at the wheel, boy?”) to be heard from an announcer.

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