Maelstrom is a meanwhile free video game of the genre shoot ’em up from Ambrosia Software from late 1992, that follows the example of the older classic Asteroids. The game was originally released for Mac OS and constitutes a technical milestone in the history of Mac games.

Contents Edit

Anrew Welch, the later president of Ambrosia Software, wrote the game and created some of the sound samples, Ian Gilman created the animations and Mark W. Lewis statical graphics contents (startup splash screen, part of the title screen). Some sound samples were licensed from collections (CDs like “Killer Tracks”), some others come from unknown third parties. Some sound samples were inspired by Ren and Stimpy. Since 2010 the contents are released under the free Creative Commons license Attribution 3.0.

Game mechanics Edit

The player navigates a spacecraft from level to level over a two-dimensional playing field from that all adrift asteroids must be destroyed, while other game elements may be encountered. The objective of the game is an as high as possible score.

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