ACME supply canister are a game element that sometimes randomly appears in the first thirty seconds of each stage, seldomly also in waves of many canisters that appear simultaneously. The canisters may be destroyed by shooting them or through a shock wave (from a nova or another canister in case of a wave of canisters) or may be collected by running them over which leads to one of several possible modifications:

extensions to the weapon system
File:ACME-spread.png triple shot, File:ACME-auto.png machine gun shots, File:ACME-range.png long shots
File:ACME-retro.png retro thrusters
keeps the ship from drifting on indefinitely over the playing field and comes to stop automatically like in the precursor Asteroids.
File:ACME-shield.png shield power
refills the energy supplies of the force shield
File:ACME-luck.png luck
gives a 33 % chance on survival of a deadly incident and preserves in 33 % of cases the collected extras in case of the destruction of the ship
shock wave
like in case of a nova
frozen objects
For some seconds all adrift objects don't move. You may want to concentrate on the destruction of steel asteroids if there are any, since they are exceptionally easy to destroy in that state and give the most destruction bonus.

Risking too much for collecting the canisters may not be advantageous – a saved life (or ship) may lead to more points.

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